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DIY Yarn Tree

DIY Yarn Tree

DIY Yarn Tree


cardboard cone (Michaels 1.99)



candle sitck holder (dollar tree)

bow (dollar tree 2 for $1)

pompom balls (dollar tree red, white, and green pack)

small flowers (Michaels four in one pack $2.99)

gold glitter acrylic paint

hot glue gun

mod podge


1) Start at bottom, hot glue the first piece of yarn, then continue towards the top. Use a brush to spread the mod podge as you wrap the yarn.

2) When you finish, cut the yarn and hot glue it so it’s hidden

3) Paint the candle stick holder with gold glitter acrylic paint

4) Decorate the yarn tree by hot gluing buttons, flowers, and pompom balls

5) Hot glue the tree to candle stick holder

6) Wrap the red bow around the candle stick holder

Hope you enjoyed my tutorial and it has inspired you to try this out. I’m very pleased with it, it came out beautiful.


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