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DIY Spoon Wreath

DIY Spoon Wreath

Easy inexpensive wreath made of plastic spoons


The wreath I made was inspired by this blogger’s site

When I saw this on pinterest I loved the idea of how easy and cheap it was and also how beautiful it came out

This is such a great and creatively unique project all for under $4




spoon wreath



2 packs of plastic spoons – Dollar Tree

yarn – already had

felt – already had

buttons – Michaels

fake bird – Dollar Tree

glue gun – already had


Step 1

Assemble the wreath. You can find the instructions here

spoon wreath


Step 2

Grab the yarn of your choice and tie a knot around one end of the wreath. begin wrapping the yarn around the wreath. I estimated how much I would need and cut it so that it would be easier to wrap. If you cut it to short it’s not a big deal, just tie the end to the spot you left off and wrap over it.


yarn wrapped spoon wreath

Step 3

Make Your felt flowers, the instructions can be found here:

Instead of using a CD to make the flowers, I cut them free hand into different sizes.

If you don’t like these flower designs there are plenty of other tutorials on Pinterest.

You can embellish your flowers by adding a button, glitter, or what ever you have lying around

Step 4

When you finish the flower hot glue them to your wreath.

Step 5

Attach the bird to your wreath. The bird I used was on a wire which I wrapped around the wreath.

over the door spoon wreath

Voila you are finish

Hang it up some where you can admire it

I had over the door hanger’s that I bought at the dollar tree around Christmas time.

spoon flower bird wreath



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