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DIY Mothers Day Gift

This year for mothers day I made it a spa like gift along with a tire of terra cotta pots

Sugar Scrubs, Lip Scrub, Bath Bombs, and a chocolate flower bouquet

chocolate boquet

Sugar Scrubs

containers from the (dollar tree) I bought two big ones and 4 pack of little ones to hand out

1 cup sugar

1 green tea bag cut open and poured out

1 Tablespoon honey

1/2 cup coconut oil

zest of a lime and lemon

half of the lemon juiced

1 teaspoon almond extract

Lip Scrub

Dollar store mini container that come in a pack of 8

Decorative stickers (I had flower stickers with little diamonds in the middle that I got from Walmart a while ago)

2 Tablespoons Brown sugar

1/2 tablespoon honey Honey

1 teaspoon vanilla extract

1/2 tablespoon coconut oil

a pinch of cinnamon

bath bomb diy

Bath Bombs

2 cups baking soda

1 cup cornstarch

1 cup citric acid

1 cup Epsom salt

4 tsp essential oil

witch hazel in a spray bottle to moisten the mixture as much as you need to

4 tablespoon coconut oil

to make them more special I also used

pink white yellow sugar sprinkles

grey edible powder dust

red food coloring

bunch of roses from Trader Joe’s for $4.99 which I pulled off the petals and dried them myself

I found a huge mold that I used at TJmax for $3.99

2 mixing bowls

mix the baking soda, cornstarch, citric acid, Epsom salt, essential oil, spray some witch hazel and coconut oil, then in a separate bowl add some of the mixture to turn red

Now add a drop at a time while you mix so it doesn’t fizz away once you get it to the desired color stop

grab your mold add the grey edible powder dust and throw in some sprinkles then pack in the white part of the mixture then add some dried roses then add in some of the red sand and then white and pack it all good together

I didnt make a video but if you are a visual person like me watch this video as well to understand how its done better


Chocolate Flower Bouquet


skewer sticks (got mine at walmart for .79)

hot glue gun

wire cutters to cut the skewers in different sizes (from dollar tree)

vase (dollar tree)

foam squares (dollar tree)

ferreros chocolate

green crepe paper (dollar tree)

pink tissue paper or whatever color you desire your flowers

wire wrap


first i cut my skewers all different sizes

then hot glue the stick to the bottom of the chocolate black wrap (I had help with this part one person was the gluer and the other held the two pieces till they stuck) ps. I though that it wouldn’t stick as good because when you cut the skewers they end up not being completely flat but it worked any way

then I grabbed the chocolate and measure how much tissue paper I would need and cut it out in a square while wrapping it around the chocolate to make the shape

grab your glued skewer and chocolate and wrap the tissue paper around it

then use a piece of wire wrap to wrap it tight under the chocolate and skewer piece for extra support in holding it

with the green crepe paper conceal the wire wrap and continue wrapping the whole stick until the end (you can leave an inch because your going to skew it into the foam) you can either tape it or use the hot glue

continue to do this for the desired amount you wish to make have fun

this worked perfectly because people were able to pull out the chocolate easy with out destroying the flowers


Mini tire of Terra Cotta Pots

I had seen these done on pinterest many times, so I created the new mini version of it. I had so much fun making these and love how they came out.


3 mini terra cotta pots (dollar tree)

painters tape (dollar tree)

circular wood plaque (Michael’s)

dremel drill


extra soil

skewer sticks (got mine at walmart for .79)

Wire cutter or Sissors to cut your skewer sticks

waterproof spray paint (you could use waterproof craft paint too if you prefer painting them)

water proof glue (I used the E6000 glue)

3 mini plants (I used two succulents and one cactus got them at home depot 3 dollars each )

First step assembling the base, grab your skewer and find a drill bit that measures the size of it just a little smaller. Then measure across the circular wood plaque to determine the center and mark it with a pencil. Then carefully drill the spot. I did not drill it all the way through just deep enough to fit my skewer. Once that is done put a dab of glue on your skewer and place it into the wood plaque. Hold it for a few seconds then let it dry. Then place the three terra cotta pots one at a time tilting them with the middle tilting the opposite direction. This will allow you to see where you will need to cut your skewer. Mark the spot then take all the pots off and cut the skewer (I placed my terra cotts through the skewer too see if they had enough room. I found some of them didn’t so I used the ceramic piece on my dremel to carefull drill and make the wholes at the bottom of the terra cottas bigger)

Second Step Once you’ve decided on your design use the painters tape to cover the spots you do not want paint on. Set up a station to spray paint. Begin to spray paint your pots. You will also be painting your base that you made in step one. (remember try and think of the colors you will want to be using for your pot designs as well as your base so that it comes together.)

Third Step once everything has dried it is now time to assemble them. Grab your base and put your first terra cotta through it, then tilt it and once you have your desired tilt place a dab of glue at the bottom of the terra cotta pot sticking it to the base. Now grab your second pot and do the same thing except tilt it the opposite way and glue it to the top of the first pot. Then your last pot tilt it the same direction as your first one and glue it to the top of the middle vase. Wait for everything to fully dry because you do not want to kill your plants with the glue. Depending on what glue you have the directions on it will let you know how long to wait, I had to wait a day.

Final step this is the fun part because everything is finally coming together. I grabbed my 3 mini plants and first figured out where exactly I would like them. Once you figured it out take them out and plant them into there new home and give them some water. There you go you’ve completed the craft. I hope you enjoy making these as much as I did. They are supper cute and cheerful. Just remember whatever plant you decided on make sure you read how to take care of them and how much sunlight they need. This way they last, they also make a lovely gift 🙂 happy crafting!!


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