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DIY Christmas Snow Globe

DIY Christmas snow globe jar diy snow globe christmas jar santa deer penguin characters cheap fun creative decor

DIY christmas snow globe for $7 dollars with left overs to make a second one

diy snow globe materialsdiy minis character Santa deer snow man penguin snow globe craft michaels cheap


Candle Stick holder(dollar tree)

Jar (dollar tree)

White Glittery Tree Ornament (dollar tree)

Santa Head (dollar tree)

4 Pack of Little Tree Ornaments (dollar tree)

4 Pack of Mini Character Ornaments (Michaels It was on sale plus I found a coupon making it Less Than a Dollar

E6000 glue

Screw Gun

1) Glue the candle stick holder to the jar and let sit for 24 hours

2) Once it has dried, trace the bottom of the Christmas tree ornament on the jar’s lid.

diy snow globe Christmas tree

diy tree lid


3) Use your screw gun and a circular bit to make the hole in the lid (I had my hubby do this part)

screw gun diy snow globe lid

diy screw gun lid snow globe christmas

4) Once the hole is big enough to fit the bottom part of the Christmas tree, glue it in place.

diy e6000 glue white glittery christmas tree snow globe jar dollar tree

5) Rip off the Santa’s beard

diy Santana beard Christmas snow globe jar

6) Put some glue at the bottom of the jar and arrange his beard as snow. (The face without the beard is kind of creepy)

diy glued santa beard christmas globe jar dollar store

7) I took off the tops of the tree ornaments and wrapped the string from the character ornaments’s around their hats then glued them.

diy mini character Santa Christmas snow globe

diy character sanata deer snow man globe jar cheap dollar michaels

8) Now before gluing, arrange your character’s and trees in the jar to see where you would like them.

9) When you are satisfied, use hot glue to glue them down into the desired position.

diy snow globe christmas jar santa deer penguin characters cheap fun creative decor

10) Voila! You are done, now find a place to show it off. Happy Holiday crafting 🙂


2 comments on “DIY Christmas Snow Globe

  1. Andrea
    November 29, 2013

    wow so cute! love it

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